Cedar Hill Physical Therapy

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Cedar Hill Physical Therapy

It's been a little more than half a year since Paul Weiss, PT, Dip. MDT and his wife Angela Cook opened Cedar Hill Physical Therapy in their home in Summerfield.


It's great ''says Paul. I’ve always enjoyed my work and this setting really allows me the opportunity to help people in a way that is fun and relaxed."

"Paul always said that even after he retired he wanted to have a room in the house where he could continue to see patients/' says Angela, "He simply enjoys what he does."

Patients love Cedar Hill Physical Therapy for many reasons, one of which is its unique environment. Several patients have commented that an appointment at the clinic is like a visit with friends.

No traffic or parking hassles. No long waits in dreary waiting rooms. Instead; imagine being greeted at the door with a smile, fresh flowers throughout the clinic, and a glass of freshly made herbal iced tea, Angela brews a different blend daily, often encouraging Cedar Hill's Facebook fans to choose the flavor of the day!

Paul and Angela believe that true health care requires one to be attentive to all the needs of a patient "Often as much as anything else, people just want to be heard/ says Angela, Paul sees only one patient at a time, gives his full attention to that patient, and allows sufficient time to fully explain what's happening- In doing so, he enables patients to understand not only what exercises to do, but why they should be done. With such instruction; patients are motivated and well prepared to continue their exercises on their own. Improved movement and pain relief are maintained long after their one-on-one time with Paul.

Cedar Hill Physical Therapy
5409 White Blossom Dr
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