Bryant Art Glass

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Bryant Art Glass

To Dwight Bryant, glass is not transparent. It is filled with color, light and beauty, especially after he gets through with it. And, if you have a piece of Dwight's artful yet functional glasswork, you undeniably agree.


Once a jeweler and later a corporate gift buyer, the restless pace of the business world finally got to Bryant. And on what seemed to be just an ordinary visit with friends in a little Maine fishing village, Dwight became acquainted with the art of making glassware. And the wheels began turning. Dwight next came to Highlands, once a haven he visited with his foster grandparents, found the perfect house, and has been in the glassware making business ever since.

His quiet manner isn't suggestive of someone whose work is in the collections of some of the most influential people in the country. Mr. and Mrs. George Bush, Sr. , Secretary of State and Mrs. Colin Powell, Ethel Kennedy, Senator and Mrs. Ted Kennedy are all proud owners of Dwight's labor of love. He says, "There are lots of wonderful people who own my glass." Sounds like it. And his work has been so widely acclaimed, he was commissioned by the Mint Museum in Charlotte about four years ago to do some 1,750 pieces for a party honoring their patrons. Each person was given a piece of Bryant's art glass at the gala, which included a wide array of fine arts and crafts, and also included a collection from the White House.

Dwight is equally enthusiastic about the many opportunities he's been given to use his talents for the good of the community. He has generously donated many of his works to community fundraisers and quite a few other worthy causes.

A must visit for those who are in love with glass art work!

Bryant Art Glass, 260 Franklin Road
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